Who We Are

1_gh_rgb_bA Rocha Ghana (ARG) is a non-governmental, non-profit environmental organization with a Christian background. The name A Rocha means ‘The Rock’ in Portuguese. The A Rocha family currently has branches in 21 countries and in 5 continents around the world and is coordinated by a central unit, A Rocha international (ARI). A Rocha Ghana was established in 1999 as the Eden Conservation Society. In 2003, Eden officially became part of the A Rocha family. Today,

With four(4) project offices spread across the Southern and Northern parts of Ghana, we have emerged as a committed environmental NGO with a wide variety of projects. These include providing practical conservation interventions aimed at contributing to the sustainable management of important ecological habitats, and initiating programs aimed at facilitating certain communities’ ability to adapt to current trends in climate change and other environmental threats.

Our Vision

Together caring for God’s creation always


To contribute to the effective management of the earth’s resources through sustainable and innovative actions

Our commitments:

In all the that we do, We are identified by five core commitments and to a practical outworking of each:




World Wildlife Day 2018- “Big Cats: Predators Under Threat” 7th March 2018
Protecting Ghana’s Pangolins 22nd February 2018
Latest News
White-naped Mangabey, IUCN Red List Species Found in Atewa Forest-Ghana 19th December 2017
Avoid planting and eating food crops from abandoned mined sites 5th December 2017