ATTN: International Youth Day

5th August 2020

We are gearing up for yet another International Youth Day come August 12, 2020 and we are hoping you; our dear friends will make it memorable.

The UN International Youth Day (IYD) as we may know, focuses on young men and women as essential partners of change. It is also an opportunity to raise awareness of challenges and problems facing the world’s youth.

In recent years, the global state of emergency on a changing climate and its associated effects and impacts such as COVID-19, has called on all and sundry to re-examine the way we interact with our environment and necessitated critical action to find solutions to address these impacts.

Even more critical in the global decade of action is the need to ensure the inclusion of young people in demanding and taking global action to secure their future effectively.

A Rocha Ghana therefore dedicates the month of August in honour of International Youth Day. As part of the celebrations, we will be putting the spotlight on youths who are committed to helping our environment and taking action on climate in their various capacities.

Let’s do this together!





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