Food Waste To Animal Feed…The West Africa Feeds Profile  

17th July 2020

Waste food from our dining tables at home and restaurants, most of the time, ends up in landfills. The disposal of food waste has over the years posed a large environmental problem but at the West African Feeds (WAF), those last remains of uneaten food which look like rubbish to others, is seen as an opportunity. It is an opportunity to create compost and animal feed.

Left: The love cage where the black soldier flies mate                  Right: The black soldier fly larvae ready for harvest


WAF is an agricultural firm founded in 2018 with a core aim of helping to reduce and recycle waste for environmental sustainability.

Now a member of the (Businesses in Environmental Stewardship Network (BESNet), they specialize in converting food waste into high quality compost and animal feed.


Modus Operandi

By implementing the principles of the circular economy, they utilize the black soldier fly (BSF) larvae in recycling food waste sourced from restaurants, food processors, breweries, into organic material for compost and animal feed production.

Waste processing set up

During the process the food waste is converted into compost for landscapers, commercial farmers and hobbyist gardeners. The BSF larvae are then harvested and sold to poultry and fish farmers as a low-cost, sustainable, high quality protein alternative to environmentally unsustainable fishmeal-based feeds.

The mission of the company is to scale up the organic fertilizer, and animal feed sectors in Ghana to introduce regenerative, cost-friendly and environmentally sustainable models of organic feed and compost production.

The West African Feeds is located in Adenta, in the Greater Accra Region.

Call them on:

+233 20 235 2912

You can also connect with WAF at

Twitter: @feedsgh

Instagram: @westafricanfeeds


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