NOTICE OF VACANCY: Corporate Engagement Officer

12th January 2023


A Rocha Ghana is a dedicated environmental conservation organisation in Ghana. A Rocha Ghana is a member of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN). A Rocha Ghana recognises the inextricable link between modern man and the survival of the earth’s flora and fauna. We therefore work to inspire and empower people for natural resource management by providing practical conservation interventions aimed at contributing to the sustainable management of important ecological habitats and environmental spaces as well as initiating programmes aimed at facilitating target community’s abilities to adapt to the challenges posed by a changing climate and a world impacted by biodiversity loss and environmental pollution.

A Rocha Ghana works with an integrated landscape approach, with offices strategically located in the Eastern, Ashanti and Savanna Regions of Ghana. Our head office is located in Accra, with other non-residential interventions in the Central and Volta Regions of Ghana.

Our interventions and engagement with state and non-state actors in the all the landscapes include the following thematic areas:



Major Function
The Corporate Engagement Officer will primarily develop and manage all engagements with corporate actors, with significant dependencies and impact on our natural environment. The position serves to build transformational partnerships with the private sector in Ghana and abroad with a focus to changing business practices to more sustainably integrate and be nature conservation and investment minded through deliberate positive business interventions and actions for nature. The position will inherently be expected to drive creativity and innovation in engaging businesses and the private sector towards national and organizational conservation goals.

 CLOSING DATE: 31st January 2023


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NOTICE OF VACANCY: Corporate Engagement Officer 12th January 2023
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