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3rd February 2021

BMW Group, Tetra Pak & Schűco Int. Raise Concerns Over Atewa-sourced Bauxite

Aerial View of Atewa Forest , Photo Credit: A Rocha Ghana

Three global manufacturing companies – BMW Group, Tetra Pak and Schűco International KG – have responded to concerns over the use of aluminium made from bauxite mined in the Atewa Forest.

Their positions have been communicated in letters to the Concerned Citizens of Atewa Landscape (CCAL),
the grassroots movement advocating against bauxite mining in Atewa Forest.

The three companies are all members of the Aluminium Stewardship Initiative (ASI) established to certify
members and their products in the bauxite-aluminium supply chain that meet its sustainability standards.

While the companies recognise the Ghana government’s desire to develop the aluminium sector for
economic development and poverty reduction, they have firmly stated that their commitments to
sustainability will not be compromised. All three companies pointed to their endorsement of the ASI’s
social and environmental standards, and said they also want their suppliers to meet these same standards.

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