Solving A ‘Burning’ Issue …The Zaacoal Profile

25th August 2020


Charcoal production is one of the biggest informal businesses in Ghana because it provides the fuel choice for a large number of the country’s population, who in the absence of electricity or gas, use it to cook.

Unfortunately, unsustainable charcoal production has contributed immensely to the depletion and degradation of forests in the country. The felling and burning of trees for charcoal production have turned green areas brown and left them―a slow-burning environmental disaster.

But with Zaacoal’s method of charcoal production, we can be less worried about the environmental hazards caused by charcoal production.

Zaacoal is a renewable energy company which produces Clean, long burning and high heat charcoal from coconut waste. Zaacoal’s modus operandi debunks the myth that, wood fuel cannot be produced sustainably.

Sustainability Check

There are over a thousand coconut vendors in the Greater Accra municipality alone—these vendors after their daily sales, have a big challenge disposing off their waste. This creates a huge problem for city authorities, who already have challenges managing household waste.

Zaacoal uses these ubiquitous city waste—coconut husk and coverts it to clean fuel thus, filling two needs with one deed.

Since Zaacoal cannot get to all the vendors to collect the coconut waste, dump sites are created for coconut sellers to discard their waste after which Zaacoal collects. The waste is then transported to the charcoal factory where the processing takes place.

The Zaacoal Process

The coconut waste is converted to charcoal by burning them without oxygen (using modernized kilns and carbonizers). They are then molded and packed into paper bags for sale as Zaacoal.

The core mission of the company is to transform waste materials that were initially taking up space at already brimming landfills and turn them into sustainable energy for cooking. With this innovation, thousands of trees have been safe

According to producers of Zaacoal, their product burns hotter than regular charcoal and lasts three (3) times longer than regular charcoal.

Zaacoal was a Nominee of this year’s Green Corporate Star Awards under the prestigious Exclusive Men of the Year (EMY) Africa Awards.

They are located at Dodowa, in the Eastern Region of Ghana.


Call them on: +233 50 700 5551

You can also connect with Zaacoal @;

[email protected]

Facebook: @zaacoal·Kitchen/Cooking

Twitter: @zaacoalenergy

Instagram: @zaacoal

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