Urgent Need for Intergenerational Policy and Legal Framework for Ghana

12th August 2022


To All Media Agencies
For Immediate Release

Accra – August 12th, 2022. Today is International Youth Day 2022! On our special day, we
celebrate the youth of Ghana, our ingenuity, our positivity, and our hopes for a secure future for
all. This year’s theme – Intergenerational Solidarity – recognises the need for us to work together
across all age groups to tackle the global issues of our time and achieve equity between successive
generations through Intergenerational Solidarity.

The youth of today are the future of Ghana and the world. We are full of ideas to address the
challenges of biodiversity loss, climate change, and poverty, and to make our world a better place.
We should be valued as key partners in Ghana’s development. But are we recognised as such? Are
we listened to by our leaders from community to the corridors of the Executive, Legislature and
Judiciary? Do we have a real opportunity to influence the decisions that will impact our lives and
our future?

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