Vonjag Empire Ventures Recycle Waste For Environmental Sustainability

16th June 2020

Vonjag Empire Ventures is a waste management trading company founded in 2019 and a member of (Businesses in Environmental Stewardship Network (BESNet)

Founded by two young social entrepreneurs, Paul Nwachukwu and Yvonne Berko, the company helps industries reduce and recycle their waste for environmental sustainability.

Vonjag takes empty cans, presses them and makes them ready for recycling

The business is focused on waste management thereby creating a solution by recycling waste from industries and in the environment to pollution associated with the improper disposal of industrial waste.

The company helps manufacturing companies to segregate their waste and partners with other recycling companies to turn the waste into tissue papers, egg crates, chair, rubber bowls among other.

Shredded pure water sachet being prepared for recycling into PE (Pellets) for subsequent production of rubber

Vonjag is currently expanding its operations and working with  organisations to identify and put in measures to turn around any form of waste into re-usable products to help reduce environmental pollution.  They help companies such as Promasidor Ghana, Food Expert Food, Blow Chem, Interplast with their waste management efforts.

Cleaning of beaches is another way Vonjag volunteers to ensure environmental sustainability

The company caters for all categories of Industrial waste and scraps in forms of Metals, Plastic Bags, PET Bottles, Pallets/Woods, Aluminums, Paper cones, Cartons, Crown corks, Iron, Coppers, Drums, Gallons, Unused Machines.

Vonjag Empire Ventures business model is securing a healthy environment by educating and creating a Reduce, Reuse and Recycling model for waste that could have negative impact on our environment.

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