Position: Atewa Landscape Project Manager


A Rocha Ghana has for the past ten (10) years been working within the Atewa landscape to deliver sustainable landscape resource management interventions that integrates ecosystem services into development planning agenda and delivers opportunities for sustainable livelihood strategies hinged on viable social and environmentally friendly green business models and value chains.

A Rocha Ghana approach to integrated landscape management reflects our commitment to collaborative natural resource governance and management, that promotes and recognizes the crucial role of all stakeholders towards a vision of inclusive green and sustainable landscapes that supports the crucial water services provided by Atewa Forest; support ecosystem services that support agro-productivity and delivers value added livelihood, and well-being of the people living in this bio-culturally rich landscape.

Over the period of our engagement and going into the future we remain committed to the following main outcomes of interventions which we believe will transform the lives and position the landscape into landscape of sustainable prosperity:

―Government Designate Atewa as a flagship National Park, with a thriving and innovative tourist industry that supports park operations and bring much needed green and long-term livelihoods to surrounding communities.

―A green business investment modelled landscape that supports people, forest and biodiversity friendly natural forest restoration, agroforestry and commercial afforestation that protect watershed for millions of Ghanaians.

―Diversify and enhance existing agro-commodities that drive local economy with ripple triple impacts on the national economy.

Location: Stationed at A Rocha Ghana Office at Kyebi in the Eastern Region of Ghana

Salary: Up to negotiation depending on experience.

Duration: Two years renewable

Main Responsibilities

1) Follow up and support the implementation of shared outcomes to transform Atewa into a sustainable landscape.

2) Contribute to explore fund raising opportunities in the achievement of landscape outcomes and communicate on the project

3) Ensure the administrative and financial management of our program in the Atewa Landscape

What we are looking for in a suitable Candidate

Our ideal candidate will be a development practitioner with significant rounded appreciation and capacity to balance social and ecological development. The candidate should have experience with green commodity value chain development and integrated landscape management approaches. A good experience working with stakeholders and Ghana’s decentralized local government system will be advantageous. The candidate must have a minimum of first degree with blended capacities and a minimum work experience of five (5) years in integrated landscape management and natural resource management.

Apply Now

To apply, please send your CV and cover letter to the Administrator, Email: [email protected]

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