Location: Mole Ecological Landscape - Savannah Region
Leader: Godwin Evenyo Dzekoto

Overall Objective

Development of green value chains for the benefit of local populations living on the outskirts of biodiversity-rich areas, with the support of the private sector and civil society.

Project summary

The project will ensure the sustainable and community-led management of Eastern and South-western Mole National Park periphery, through the development of beekeeping, shea and the strengthening of a local governance structure for the management of Community Resource Management Areas (CREMA).

Launch of the ECONOBIO Project

Cecile Lachaux (Man and Nature) Addressing Participants

Construction of Honey Processing Center

Distribution of beehives in Mognori

Specific Objective


  • Contribute to the development of sustainable economic sectors; shea butter and honey. These green value chains will benefit to the communities by increasing their income and will participate to the protection of the National Park
  • Ensure better biodiversity conservation and the sustainable use of natural resources by communities

Launch of the ECONOBIO Project

The Deputy National Director of A Rocha Ghana Giving Overview of EconoBio Project

Organic Shea Butter Production

Warehouse in Bawena
The warehouse used to store organic Shea nuts

Project activities aiming at developing the Green Value chain (GVC) and protection of biodiversity in the target area include:


  • Construction of Organic Shea Warehouses
  • Construction of Shea Butter Processing Unit
  • Construction of Honey Processing Center
  • Purchase of transportation equipment
  • Trainings on Organic Shea collection, Processing and storage
  • Development of private sector collaboration for commercialization and marketing of GVC
  • Strengthening community forest patrols
  • Development and implementation of environmental awareness programs for schools and community members
  • Strengthening of CREMA structures
  • Setting up a Conservation Fund aimed at ensuring long-term self-financing of the CREMA
  • Rehabilitation of degraded areas with indigenous trees

Project in partnership with

  • Dessange