Sustainable Energy for Homes and Schools

This project adopted participatory processes to challenge the youth, leading to growth in efficient energy utilization and management. Our engagement with the youth was aimed at instilling a culture of energy conservation as well as influencing behavioral change in them.

Leader: Prosper Antwi-Bosiako

Ghana's Iconic Hydro-power Dam, Akosombo

Exploring sustainable ways to conserve and manage energy produced by the various power generation units.

Project Brief

The United States Embassy, Ghana, in partnership with A Rocha Ghana piloted an Energy Conservation project titled “Sustainable Energy for Achieving Results in Homes and Schools”. The project which was piloted in Damongo (Northern Region) and Kumasi (Ashanti Region) was launched at the Kumasi High School Assembly Hall on 21st November, 2014. The year-long project aimed for behavioral and cultural change on energy conservation and utilization particularly among the youth. More so because they represented the next generation of future leaders for the country. The project provides a new framework for efficient measures and opportunities to permanently reduce the amount of energy the schools use. It was also to engender students as agents of change for our homes and communities. The project’s specific objectives were:
1. To increase awareness on energy conservation issues in Senior High Schools
2. To develop strategies for efficient use of energy
3. To introduce and build local capacity to install and service solar lighting systems

Energy Conservation Awareness in Schools

Energy conservation education and awareness creation programs were organized in all participating schools (four schools in Southern Ghana and three schools in Northern Ghana). A team from A Rocha and Electricity Company of Ghana educated and created awareness on the need to judiciously use energy.

Training on simple energy systems

The Do-It-Yourself program sought to train and equip participants with the basic skills in assembling a solar lighting system. Locally available materials such as used kerosene lamps, were used in together with recyclable solar panels and other accessories

Drama on Energy Conservation

Drama groups within schools engaged staged plays typical of energy abuse and its socio-economic consequences.

Students displaying their lighting system

Students of Namong Technical SHS at Kumasi displaying their composite solar system

Moving Forward....

The year-long project has instigated a sense of awareness to selected participating schools in energy conservation as well as built capacity of students in solar lighting assembling. Schools have produced different solar lighting systems using local available materials. An easy to use manual has been produced for use by schools and most schools have  energy audit teams overseeing the energy use of the schools; this is an activity that A Rocha Ghana would continue to monitor to identify the best performing schools.

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