Territories Conservation Management

The overall aim of the project is to recognize and support local participation in the sustainable management of protected areas within the country. This project is currently running in the eastern boundaries of Mole National Park, precisely the West and North Gonja Districts of the Northern Region where the Mole National Park, one of Ghana’s nature reserves is located.

Leader: Daryl Bosu

Mole National Park

The park covers an estimated 4,577 square kilometers and is home to several species of mammals and birds. Mole National park rates as the most popular game park and the most visited of all parks and reserves in Ghana.

Project Implementation Phase

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The project’s implementation phase established baselines of the existing natural resources within the area, organized and strengthened community members within the various districts in various aspects such as community mobilization, integrated land use planning and livelihood improvement activities. The project has successfully completed the engagement of all stakeholders including state and non-state actors and initiated several community platforms which will serve as the focal point for the implementation of management activities.

Some of the project activities included:

Training for District Departmental Heads and Members

Training within the targeted project districts were structured to lead in the development of a biodiversity policy document for the districts by the end of the program.

Innaugration of Community Resource Management Units

Resource management units in targeted districts were responsible for community mobilization, facilitation of actions and initiatives identified under the project implementation process. They also supported local law enforcing agencies in the protection of management areas.

Livelihood Empowerment: Women Trading their Raw Produce

Community members benefited from training in Non-Timber Forest Product based enterprises. In order to sustain funding to support established businesses; Village Savings and Lending Associations have been formed among traders to support businesses under the project.

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