Businesses in Environmental Stewardship Network (BESNet)


BESNet is a nexus of businesses committed to promoting and supporting natural capital inclusion and security in business development and company production value chains. It was initially established to champion the active participation and contribution of the private sector to the sustainable management of Atewa Range Forest Reserve and the river basins it feeds.  The network has over the period become useful and now embracing the broader business community in Ghana towards natural capital accounting, advocacy and support for their long-term sustainability and security.

The network is coordinated by A Rocha Ghana in collaboration with IUCN Ghana. The network has received support from the Ghana Netherlands Wash Program (GNWP) and the businesses that are members of this network. There are currently nine (9) businesses in the network. 

These include: Guinness Ghana Brewery Limited, Panbros Salt Industries Limited, Accra Brewery Limited, Blue Skies Products Ghana Limited, Benso Oil Palm Plantations Limited, Ghana Oil Palm Development Company, C Alade Enterprise, Ghana Water Company Limited and Summit Industries Limited

Roles and functions of  BESNet

Key roles and functions of the network include championing advocacy for the long-term sustainability of Atewa Forest. Broadly, the network plays an active role in policy interventions addressing the drivers of deforestation and degradation in Ghana through advocacy, education and awareness creation. BESNet also focuses on skills, knowledge and experience in relation to the implementation measures and in relation to other approved mitigation measures, including habitat protection, restoration and enhancement of businesses in Ghana.

How to Join BESNet

If your organization is interested in joining BESNet, send a mail to: [email protected] expressing interest with the following informations about your organization: Name of Organization, Location and contact details (including phone contacts and website address).

You can also download and fill our BESNET Membership Registration Form. Kindly send completed application to [email protected]

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