Freshwater Conservation

A Rocha Ghana’s freshwater conservation is primarily focussed in the Lake Bosomtwe Landscape.  Lake Bosomtwe is a meteoric crater lake located in the Bosomtwe District in the Ashanti Region of Ghana. It is the only Endorheic (closed) lake in Ghana.

The lake basin and its catchment provides an example of a lake ecosystem with a unique blend of species and habitats including wetland, forested catchment, marshes and grassy ridges. The area is of high national and global biodiversity significance with a high degree of endemism.

A Rocha Ghana is working in this landscape to help with the continuous protection of the area.

Creating Community Resource Management Areas (CREMAs) around the lake

In 2013 we began establishing CREMAs to achieve sustainable, collaborative conservation. Through these CREMAs we have trained volunteers to lead on improved waste management practices and supported communities to start up small scale enterprises such as grass-cutter or snail rearing, reducing over-dependence on fish in the lake. 

A Rocha Ghana also supported the restoration of degraded land  in four key locations within CREMA zones. Many thousands of indigenous trees have been planted, with the help of local school children. Species include Terminalia superba, Nuclei diderrichil, Ceiba pentandra,  and Cocos nucifera.

Training for small hold farmers

We have been working to securing climate change resilience and mitigation by building self-Reliant small hold farms within the Lake Bosumtwe landscape.  Farmers have been trained in Participatory Integrated Climate Services for Agriculture (PICSA) and a range of organic and climate adaptation techniques to help them cope with the impacts of climate change. 

Funded by GCCA+ Project, European Union through Expertise France and ECOWAS

Climate Stewards School Conservation Education Outreach Programme

In 2022, A Rocha Ghana with its Tertiary Student wing—A Rocha KNUST, organized a series of conservation education and awareness raising programmes within the lake catchment. The education program aims to equip  youth for making positive decisions for the environment- all towards contributing to the sustainable management and protection of the Lake Bosomtwe Landscape.

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