Our Story

Established in 1999 as the Eden Conservation Society, A Rocha Ghana has a long and proud history as a committed environmental NGO providing practical conservation interventions towards the sustainable management of important ecological habitats.

In 2003, we officially became part of the A Rocha Worldwide Family. 

As a conservation-oriented organization and part of A Rocha International network of organizations working to show God’s love for creation, our core values align with the network’s five core values:

Christian – Underlying all we do is our biblical faith in the living God, who made the world, loved it and entrusted it to the care of humankind.

Conservation – We carry out research for the conservation and restoration of the natural world and run environmental education programs for people of all ages.

Community – Through our commitment to God, each other and the wider creation, we aim to develop good relationships both within the A Rocha family and in our local communities.

Cross-Cultural – We draw on the insights and skills of people from diverse cultures, both locally and around the world

Cooperation – We work in collaboration with a wide variety of organizations and individuals who share our concerns for a sustainable world.

Our Vision

Together caring for God’s creation always

Our Mission

To contribute to the effective management of the Earth’s resources through sustainable and innovative actions.

What we stand for:

A Rocha Ghana recognizes the inextricable link between modern humankind and the survival of the Earth’s flora and fauna. To put this into action, we work to inspire and empower people to care for nature through advocacy, livelihood improvement, sustainable natural resource management, and inter-faith dialogue that hinges on research and education.

Our strategic goals focus on utilizing and adapting proven technologies in biodiversity conservation, landscape management and climate change mitigation and adaptation. We are also committed to developing our own institutional capacity. 

At the heart of all our engagements is our commitment to support and work with youth groups in communities and schools. We therefore run one of the most comprehensive networks of schools’ programs across the country, working to care for creation and building leaders with a mindset for sustainability.

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