Savanna Conservation

A Rocha Ghana has worked in the Mole Ecological Landscape for over two decades. This is a prime example of Ghana’s Shea Savannah and it is an extraordinarily rich environment full of diverse wildlife. 

The Mole National Park is Ghana’s largest national park (4,577 km2) and a model for nature preservation, ecotourism promotion, the preservation and study of historical and cultural heritage.

The following are projects in which we’ve been involved in recent years:

Forest Landscape Restoration through a Sustainable Wood Energy Value Chain. German Environment—-through GIZ 

Through the sustainable production and efficient use of energy wood, forests in selected regions in Ghana are being preserved and restored, thus contributing to the implementation of the national climate policy and to the improvement of the framework conditions for sustainable forest management and energy supply. 

ECONOBIO II: Development of green value chains for the benefit of local populations living on the outskirts of biodiversity-rich areas, with the support of the private sector and civil society. French Development Agency (AFD) through Noe

Similar to ECONOBIO II’s activities in the Atewa Forest Landscape, the project is focussed on Shea and Honey Value Chains and on protection of biodiversity in the Mole Ecological Landscape.

In 2022, the Sunkpa Shea Women’s Cooperative – one of our partner cooperatives on the ECONOBIO programmes and other projects – won the prestigious Equator Prize for their achievements in sustainable landscape management and green value chain development. Read more about the Cooperative here. [Insert link to project page]

Creating lands of Opportunities: Transforming livelihoods through landscape restoration in the Sahel, United Nations Convention to Combact Desertification (UNCCD). Global Mechanism (GM) through the Italian Ministry of Ecological Transition (MiTE)

This programme is making significant and sustainable contributions towards landscape restoration in the Sahel while creating income-generating activities for local communities in Burkina Faso, Ghana and Niger. A Rocha Ghana has been directly implementing the renewable energy component of this project. 

Mole Organic Landscape Enterprise (MOLE) Project, OM4D, African Tiger Holding Limited

The project is creating an organic agribusiness value chain to improve the livelihoods and biodiversity conservation of communities fringing Mole National Park.

Mobilizing More for Climate (MoMo4C). Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs through IUCN Netherlands

By bringing together entrepreneurs, firms, policymakers, investors and civil society organizations, this project is making green business propositions that tackle the impacts and causes of climate change at a landscape level in developing countries, and attracting investments to implement these green initiatives. 

Ghana Shea Landscape Emissions Reduction Project (GSLERP). Green Climate Fund through Global Shea Alliance (GSA)

With Private Sector partnership and matching funds from Savannah Fruits Company (SFC), the project seeks to Restore and Sustainably Manage Shea Parklands and strengthen value chains for Shea processing and marketing

“Shea More” – SSI, Global Shea Alliance (GSA) and Evolution of Smooth (EOS)

This project is supporting eight Women Shea Cooperatives (565 members) with beekeeping and soap making skills as additional livelihoods for improved incomes.

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