Species and Ecosystem Conservation and Management

At the core of our existence is the protection and conservation of biologically rich ecosystems from various forms of threats. While doing so, we ensure that the fauna and flora in these ecosystems are protected.


In the Atewa Landscape for instance, we are working to protect the Atewa Range Forest Reserve from current threats of illegal mining, logging, and farming as well as the government of Ghana’s intended bauxite mining plans.


In the Mole Ecological Landscape, ARG has pulled efforts to help protect Ghana’s largest national park- Mole National Park and to ensure the natural integrity of the landscape is preserved and that communities can live in harmony with nature.


We are also working to safeguard the only Endorheic (closed) lake in Ghana -Lake Bosumtwi. The lake basin and its catchment exemplify a lake ecosystem with a unique blend of species and habitats including wetlands, forested catchment, marshes and grassy ridges. The area is of high national and global biodiversity significance with a high degree of endemism.


A Rocha Ghana works in two major Ramsar Sites — Muni-Pomadze Ramsar site and the Keta Lagoon Complex Ramsar Site to ensure the continuous protection of these ecosystems.