Ghana Environment Manifesto 2024

In the wake of increasing vulnerabilities to the Climate Crisis is the necessitated need to protect the environment towards the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals, Paris Agreements and the Global Biodiversity Framework. Nonetheless, environmental sustainability in Ghana is under severe threat due to Land degradation and deforestation, Water scarcity and pollution, Climate change impacts, Waste management crisis, poor mineral governance, and Limited renewable energy.

Owing to this, Ghana’s development, economic growth, and public health is threatened. Addressing them requires a paradigm shift towards green development, focusing on economic prosperity while protecting the environment and ensuring social equity.  This necessitates sustainable land management, integrated water resource management, climate change adaptation and mitigation and Circular economy, sustainable waste management, Sustainable Forest Management and Biodiversity Conservation, and Accelerating renewable energy transition.

The Ghana Environment Manifesto captures the felt needs and aspirations of Ghanaians across the 16 regions over the increasing impunity and detrimental activities of government, corporations and individuals.

The aspirations highlighting issues, commitments and need actions within the Land, Oil, Gas and energy; WASH; Forestry, Biodiversity and Agriculture; Environment and Climate Change, Marine Environment and Fisheries and finally the mining sector are detailed in the attached Environment Manifesto for the election year 2024.


Ghana Environment Manifesto 2024

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